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Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I join classes if the session has already begun?    We operate on an open enrollment, so new students are joining all the time and there is no set session period. Every class in the beginner series are suitable for a brand new beginner. 

What do people wear to class?   Most students wear comfortable exercise clothing that is not binding at the waist.  It's a good idea not to wear too much bulk, however, many students appreciate a sweatshirt to layer for warmth during relaxation.  Be able to have bare feet, and please remove your shoes before entering the studio.

I'm not very flexible or athletic; is Yoga for me?   Flexibility and conditioning are not pre-requisites for practice.  Students approach the practice from where they are.  We offer many levels/types of class, so if you are looking for a gentle approach, we've got it!

I'm taking a late class, should I eat dinner before coming?  We don't recommend practicing on a full stomach.  A light snack an hour or two before is fine.

What happens if I miss a class?  Classes can be made up in any other class on the schedule at any time.  Once a class pass expires, classes cannot be carried over.   We cannot issue refunds for missed classes.

I've never done Yoga and I'm not sure I'll like it.  Can I try a class?  If you have never visited our studio before and you are a Wake County resident, your first class is just $10.  If you pay for a class pass of 12 or more on your first visit, your first class is free.

Do you take credit cards? We accept cash, checks and credit cards in the studio.  If you register online, you must use a credit card to make payment on any pass or workshop. You may choose to bring check or cash to the studio if you do not wish to use a credit card online.

Do I need to bring my own mat?  We have a full range of all the props needed in the studio.  However, we encourage students to purchase their own mat, blocks, and strap so that they can practice at home.  If you navigate to our home page, you can click on the Yoga Accessories icon and order any props you like at a most affordable price.

Do I have to register before visiting?  No.  Simply show up 10-15 minutes before the start of class to fill out a waiver and show you around.  All classes are open to visitors unless indicated on the schedule posted under Courses.

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